Monday, November 27, 2006

KC: December 4 or sooner

Latest maternity news from Wendy after her Dr.'s appointment today is an appointment next Monday at 4:30am if KC does not decide to arrive sooner. Wendy is ready, the house is ready, all KC's things are ready, Wendy and Ken have been busy -- and are very well prepared!


serena said...


Can't KC2 wait just one more week so that he could share a birthday with his great grandmother and Christian Michael? And that would be one less date I would have to remember. I think Wendy Jean should take my convenience into consideration.

Oh, I do have some advice. Wendy should remember two phrases:

I want my epidural NOW!


I have a lawyer on speed dial.

I could make up some signs for her to take, in case she loses the power of speech. Although based on prior experience, I think that is unlikely.

Wendy said...


KC doesn't want to share his birthday, He wants his own special day. And I'm not planning on getting the epidural. I don't have a lawyer on speed dial either.

serena said...


I assumed you'd be . . . offline . . . . doing pregnant things. I'm so honored you read and reply to my posts.

Mary Uible Crowson said...

You might want to check into an epidural---in case you change your mind. My epidurals didn't knock me out but certainly make either type of birth much more tolerable. I'm sure all will go well regardless!

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