Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Biltmore and The Cove

We have had a great trip and wonderful group here on the trip. The Biltmore is impressive but a little goes a long way. Felt much more at home at The Cove and can see why Mom and Pop like it so well. As an "outside" group, we could only visit the Chatlos Chapel, but it was very impressive. Will be pulling out of here around 8:30 AM in the morning....on the way here we had to stop every 60-75 minutes for 2-3 people (out of 18) who had to go to the bathroom---always the same ones who must have bladder problems, I guess. I do believe it's easier to travel with children! The 40 passenger bus drives like a dream. :)


serena said...

MV -

I spent a lot of time on the Biltmore estate when I lived in Ashville. I had a year pass. I've forgotten the cost - it is somewhat less than a two one-day passes - a great deal if you live in the area.

I used to go though just to hike around - the grounds really are terrific - lots of very scenic areas. Met some great people there, too.

Mom & Dad said...

MV, glad you are having a great trip. We recall that bus trip with the NV Senior Citizens to Branson, Mo. and how long it took for 40 people to go to the bathroom. Ah the things we take for granted.

How about sending us a few specs on "the bus".

On the food front, we bought our first spinach today since "the scare" started.


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