Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Baby watching the action going on elsewhere . . . probably watching her older sisters eating cake and ice cream while she waits patiently in the corner.

(Actually don't know who this is . . . I assume it is me since it was next to the photo of Roberta's birthday party, but it was obviously printed at a different time since the paper is quite different. Could be someone else . . .?) Anyone know? No, there is nothing written on the back. Posted by Picasa


Catherine said...

Serena, let's assume this is YOU! Perhaps it was taken a few months after Roberta's 4th birthday but before we moved to the new house since you appear to be older than 4 months but less than a year.

serena said...

Oh . . . I thought baby could be somewhere between 2 months and 18 months or so. Also wasn't sure if baby was girl or boy. And didn't know where photo was taken because I don't remember being in that apartment.

All babies look alike and are pretty boring until they can speak . . . in full sentences . . . in conversation that I can understand. So KC3 will be of interest to me in about 2 or so years . . . unless he takes after his great aunt Roberta who didn't speak intelligently for . . . well, never mind.

Mom & Dad said...

Good guess, Serena. And to think we could have added the date some 50 years ago in just a fraction of a second.

Mary Uible Crowson said...
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serena said...

My latest theory is that this is me on January 20, 1956. I'm waiting to see if there is any cake and ice cream left over after my older sisters are through. After eating, Catherine gets her nutrition books out and checks how unhealthy the food was. Roberta licks her fingers and tells Mother "Serena told me that she doesn't like cake or ice cream, so give me her portions."

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