Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Found this in a tiny album with the title "My Grandchildren"

I think from top left Marianne Horton Kintner on the potty, me reading with John Ballantyne Uible looking straight at the camera (thinking of his future in politics), Roberta Uible-King with Catherine Uible Morgan. The second row, I think, starts off with Joseph Uible Horton, Marianne Horton Kintner, Mary Uible Horton with Marianne Horton Kintner and Cris Weals Horton. The third row Joseph Uible Horton and Marianne Horton Kintner, and Cris Weals Horton, John Ballantyne Uible and on the bottom row Roberta Uible-King and Mary Virginia Uible Crowson.

I'm guessing at a lot of these - including the one of me with JB, but since I would have been the only sister that age when JB was that age . . . . Posted by Picasa

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

The album must be post 1965 as the picture of me was taken at 1 year old...at least I got in the album (unlike the infamous trip in 1962)....where I'm expected to remember details of the trip before I was born! :) jk...mostly

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