Saturday, October 28, 2006

It's a new Saturday in SCW!

Good morning one and all! I have been reading and of course enjoying the pictures! I have been quite busy going to parties it seems. Thursday night one was expecting 30-40 and there were 6 of us there! Long story made bearable is that (a food story is coming up!) I spoke with the hostess and took some of her food to the party last night where I had been told there would be a shortage of substantial food. I guess too many others got the same message, so there was enough there to feed sheriff Joe's prisoners in Tent City. SO now the huge tray of meat and cheese is now at our house again! Sid came up with a brilliant idea, and that is we take it to Patience who always shares with the others she knows from Africa.

Speaking of food.....we had the best of breakfasts yesterday, a casserole made by Serena and she took the stir-fry vegetables out of the bag and made a whole new experience for us!

This next week we have four music programs coming up! Two outside, which means get out the jackets once that sun goes down. Mom, it is still very pleasant! But at one of our stops yesterday found a nice hooded piece for you Mom! I'll keep it here, hoping I can find it December 20th!

Wishing one and all the best of weekends, be it a working weekend at home or work! This weekend I am enjoying a four day weekend! I do have a bank story to tell if someone reminds me of it. Love to all..............

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