Friday, October 27, 2006

Ready to Fall Back

Was going to remind you all to reset your clocks tomorrow night; then it occurred to me that AZ doesn't even participate in DST. Glad to hear from RUK + Mom and Dad by phone this week and hope Dad has had an extraordinary birthday today.
Got some much needed rain here today and Christian is recovering from ear infections. Other than that, I think we're healthy! Tried scanning more pictures today via my laptop but it crashed on the 6th picture so haven't tried anymore. Hope to have another CD of pictures to send with Mom and Dad when they go to AZ via GA!
Speaking of food---made chili tonight for the first time since cold weather---the tomato based kind that is. Have made the white chicken chili a couple times already. Unlike my extremely healthy older sisters who prefer vegan it is full of sausage (and kidney beans)! I did drain the nasty grease off at least.....
Not much else new here but has been extra busy at PFUMC last two weeks with our secretary out. I've been doing the newsletter and have had a MUCH larger appreciation of all she does, including the things she did with me asking her to!
Dad, any news of when (target date) GG plans to "retire"?

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