Thursday, October 12, 2006

Miss Uible Joins Indian Mission Summer Staff

Miss Uible Joins Indian Mission Summer Staff

Miss Roberta Uible, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Uible, New Vienna, has joined the summer staff of the North American Indian Mission in its 23rd year of outreach to the Indian people of Western Canada, Washington and Alaska.

The heart of he program in which Miss Uible is involved is a widespread Bible school and youth ministry among the Indians, spanning a thousand miles of beautifully rugged, remote country. This summer over 75 college-age student volunteers are carrying the Gospel to Indian villages in the far North.

Miss Uible is responsible for ministering to the Indians in as many ways as possible: through visitation, Vacation Bible School teen-age groups, Sunday services, Bible Classes, youth camping and recreational programs. She must adjust to the customs, habits and outlook of the Indian people before she is able to share her concern for them as individuals.

The North American Indian Mission, an inter-denominational mission with headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, works through resident village missionaries, camping and literature as well as through the Summer Missionary Institute in which Miss Uible is a participant.
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I think that NAIM has kept its initials, but has changed what the acronym stands for . . . see: NAIM.


Catherine said...

Roberta, you count this is a comment on your blog posting even if Serena did the posting since it is about you. Has it been awhile since anyone referred to you as Miss Uible or do you still get called that by somebody?

Roberta said...

Miss Uible checking in........and if anyone would like to know the rest of the story, should I tell now or later? Ah, I can't help myself..... we were expected to hitch-hike always in pairs in order to get from one point to the next. I was often the only one that was able to talk the entire time to entire strangers.........which could be why I am now in the business I am in!

Mom & Dad said...

Interesting comments. These tories bring back memories.

We had our first freeze this AM, so long for the tomatoes out of the garden for 2006.

Mom and Dad

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