Friday, October 20, 2006

Tainted muffins

JK Serena! The muffin was only tainted with those evil artificially colored m&m's. I found the lone remaining muffin from the ones Serena shared with us at Coco's lo those many weeks ago. Fortunately I found it in the freezer so upon thawing it was quite tasty. Thanks again, Serena. And if you ever make another batch of the vegan ones I'd love to try them. Wondering if Sid ever heard from his Doctor today and hope the news was positive! Roberta, are you and Sid entered in the Trail of Two Cities Glendale/Peoria bike ride or is that also this weekend? Wendy, how was the Dr. appointment today?


Mary Uible Crowson said...

The muffins did not last long enough here to get tainted---but then there were several more mouthes to consume them!
Just watched a show on FoodNetwork that featured several chocolate desserts/treats...thought of mother. Not sugar free, though, of course!

Christian did get a book this week that is NOT a magic treehous book. "The Kid with the Red Jacket" I think.

Catherine said...

If it's the "Kid in the Red Jacket" by Barbara Park, then I've read it. A good book about being a new kid. Park is also the author of the Junie B Jones books but my favorite one by her is Skinnybones about a boy known for his big mouth. She's a local Arizona author whose books are almost always hopeful and humorous even when writing about serious subjects such as in "Mick Harte was Here" based on a boy's death in a bike accident.

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