Saturday, October 07, 2006

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Just checking in, and to let everyone know that our plans changed, we are NOT going to Luby's tonight, but having the Costco Chicken, and have decided we would rather eat out for breakfast tomorrow morning....on our way to you-know-where! We were at the 5 pm UMC service, and much to Sid's surprise, his name was in the bulletin, as to those who had been in the hospital!

We had a most pleasant time at Lake Pleasant, and coming and going, though we got a bit lost on the way there. Much to our surprise, no real food was sold there, so that changed our plans some. Next time we will pack our provisions, just not our drinks. Of course, drinks were readily available there. I hear Sid in the kitchen, so I will go and at least be in the way.....ha

Anyone want to join us for breakfast tomorrow across from the USPS in Sun City? Where will everyone else be eating?????? Enjoy your age, as I was told yesterday!

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serena said...

Update: They didn't go to Coco's for breakfast. They stayed home . . . and I assume ate breakfast.

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