Sunday, October 15, 2006

Roberta, Catherine, John and Serena photograph

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Roberta is thinking, "As soon as the photograph is taken, I can start picking on Serena again."

Catherine is thinking, "Maybe I should read books to children and get paid for it. Of course, the children should be better behaved than these children."

John is thinking, "I wonder how much this book cost."

Serena is thinking, "I''m gonna be wearing sailor outfit hand-me-downs for the next 8 years of my life."


Catherine said...

Wonder what book we're reading? I don't remember that many books that large in 1958. I'm also thinking, "What happened to my bangs? and Is Roberta about to bite my shoulder?"

serena said...

Maybe it was that big book of maps that resided on the book shelves next to Mother's desk in the living room, I think . . . or next to the baby grand which I only sort of remember. It was big and had a blue cover . . . the book, not the piano which was big, but not blue.

Roberta said...

I am laughing toooo hard to write.....

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