Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ready to Go

Well, we're ready to go. Roberta has already had an exciting morning - one - or both - of the cats had diarrhea last night and since she was, for once the first one up, she got to clean it up. I guess I know what morning to "sleep in".

We are leaving in about 40 minutes (6:30) for Sharon's house who will drive me and then I will ride with Sharon and RUK and Sid will take her bike on the bike rack. At least RUK and I will have our cell phones to communicate who is where in comparison to the finish line/restaurant. Roberta has been talking about Protein Pancakes at the Egg-something Restaurant literally for weeks - the 15 mile bike ride is almost secondary.

Catherine - we have vegan muffins in the freezer. The don't keep very well - not enough fat - so I always put them in the freezer like the same morning they are baked. Costco muffins last much longer, but they have other disadvantages. I like to have those muffins on hand - either vegan or almost vegan. I rather like the sweet banana taste and they are healthier than about any other kind of bread. Anyway, I'll either bring some next time we get together - or I'll leave them here - like we always seem to do with the Sudoku puzzles, postcards, etc.

Well, gotta get going . . . I think I am going to have my oatmeal and Cheerios this morning before we go. RUK said that there will be plenty of food around there - but at least having eaten my cereal, the really bad stuff won't look so tempting.

We still have not heard anything from Sid's doctors about the brain scan. I told RUK that he probably would call while she was on the bike ride - right as she is mid-hill and she would have to pull over so that she could give him a sizable piece of her mind.

Well, only 30 more minutes before we leave . . . gotta mix up my Cheerios, milk and oatmeal. And maybe make coffee - I've already made Green Tea for Sid and will make regular tea for RUK.


Catherine said...

Serena, thanks for your newsy post. Glad to see some posts from SCW. Haven't heard much about your computer jobs recently. Are you giving all your clients the link for our blog and therefore you can't write about them?

Mom & Dad said...

We have just returned from Lewisburg, WV (about 280 miles from here and only a about 10 miles from Virginia). Since it was reunion weekend at the school we ended up in a cheap motel (where Bob & Pat were also staying) so beakfast was very miminal. We did have some bananas with us and that helped tremendously.

Bob went to the school for four years for his High School (as did Roger), but he decided not to go the reunon, but wanted to wait until 2007 when they hope Roger can join them. They may want to take up a colletion for us as Peaches' shoes came unglued while walking around. She did find a new pair in the Charleston mall, where we had lunch today.

Among our bag of books that we got for a $1 is a book on Warren Buffet. Among other stories he was never too busy to pick up a penny off the floor. Oh yes, a $10,00 investment in the 1950s would now be worth some 80 million (and that was in 1994 when the book was published).

Enough ramblin, and ALWAYS glad to hear from each of you.

Love, Mom & Dad

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