Monday, October 09, 2006

Now in Newark

We had a good lunch of vegetable soup at Frisch's in Wilmington with Mom & Dad before they headed for the hospital for Mother's 1:00 appointment and we hit the freeway for the drive to Newark. About to have some good home cooking at John & Julie's before John goes to City Council committee meeting while we plan to take Andrew, and anyone else who wants to go, swimming. Back to Columbus tomorrow for our 2:20 pm flight and Serena, you will be glad to hear I actually remembered to print the boarding passes so we are fortunate to get "A"s since it is a non-stop flight. Weather has been beautiful here and not TOO cold.


john said...

We were glad to see the Morgans last evening. They brought fabulous weather with them.
Andrew and his friend Bradley swam last night at the Place off the Square.

serena said...

Can't wait to hear all the Kate and Andrew stories!

Also, glad to see that JB knows how to comment in a blog! Julie, Kate and Andrew are also welcome to post and comment!

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