Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Missing Out!

To make a long story bearable (or is that bareable???---and please don't tell me there's spell check on this thing somewhere!)....I was cleaning Monday, unplugged our modem and replugged it back in and it must have electrocuted itself. We called Bellsouth and the technician promptly told Don that we needed a new one for the "low" price of $65. He handed the phone to me and I put on my Roberta persona and the technician lowered the price to $40. When I told her we'd just switch to another provider and get a FREE modem, she consulted with her supervisor and found that she could also offer a free one (which is how we got the last 2 DSL modems). Ye receive not because ye ask not!
At any rate, I've not been able to look at the family blog since Saturday and MISSED ALOT! WOW! Catherine, you deserve a purple heart or medal of honor or something for getting BOTH the Ohio Uible factions onto the blog. I'm impressed! Very glad to read their posts/comments.
I sent picture DVDs yesterday (long after promised). I put 3 in the one to Serena/Roberta and will send one more for Wendy (or Catherine) with Mom and Dad when they arrive at Christmas. These are just more pictures I "borrowed" in New Vienna this summer and scanned. I need to save some of the stuff Serena's been busy scanning to a CD! Great work, Serena.
Btw, RUK, I did leave you a comment directly on your last post as well as an indirect comment re: the "Don" picture post. Great commentary, Serena.
Hope to be back online at home either today or tomorrow. I resisted the urge to pay overnight shipping on the modem! (That's my HH persona!)
ONLY 5 MORE RADIATION TREATMENTS AFTER TODAY, YES, MOTHER???? Still praying for you and glad you have done so well!


Mary Uible Crowson said...

Serena---is there some way we can "subscribe" to the blog so that we know when there's been a new post?

serena said...

MV - Google has something called Google Reader at I know Catherine tried it, but wasn't too impressed, I think. It has very recently made some MAJOR changes and is much more BlogLines like. I'm not sure if it checks for comments. You can see photographs on it though which is nice - I don't think BlogLines does that. You can also subscribe to RSS feed via a newsreader - but that is a bit complicated if you haven't done it before.

Mom & Dad said...

Tis would be a good exerience to teachin college. Oh ye, based on the stock market returns since 1926 (I believe) a dollar a day would count up to Some $68,000 (that makes that glass of ice tea expensive) when some one retires in thirty years

Mom and Dad

Items from Uible photo album