Sunday, October 15, 2006

KC's Baby Shower!

KC's baby shower was a huge success! Adrian did a wonderful job hosting and we got tons of stuff! Thanks for the stroller Roberta Sid and Serena. And many thanks for the generous gift certificate to Baby Depot Mom and Dad - we will be going to purchase the crib very soon. It was a really good day all around. We feel very lucky to have such generous and kind friends and family.

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serena said...

Wendy Jean and KC2,

Adrienne certainly did a nice job on the shower. It was great to see all the Morgans, Counts, Joneses and meet your other friends who all seemed very nice. (Although some of that baby birth stuff talk was TMI - so I joined the old group.) Glad you liked the baby carriage - Roberta spent a lot of time wrapping it and I worked on developing my muscles hauling it around. (Too bad your mother wasn't here - with all that weightlifting she would have been even more helpful than usual.) We're all glad that you got so many nice gifts - they should come in handy. Let me know what you are going to do with the ghost . . . or if you end up taking it apart.

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