Saturday, October 07, 2006

It's Saturday in SCW!

But first a question, Serena have you been able to be on the computer while you are surrounded by all those pictures at Pam and Howard's? The cats here have been looking for you, and miss your TLC! The good news is that Sid appears to be having a good day thus far so we are soon off to Lake Pleasant, trying out the new-to-us 303 to get there. A big thanks Serena for being here yesterday when Sid was not doing well and I was at the Ritz using the best of my manners.

Another question then I have to go through the three papers that arrive every Saturday. Can one pay extra and get spell check on a blog?

Best of Saturdays to one and all..............this is Roberta the blogger


Mom & Dad said...

Glad youre having a good day, we enjoyed Serena's muffins for breakfast this AM. Very good.

serena said...

ummm . . . Roberta - you do know that your Google spell checker works on Blogger? In fact, I just used it on your post and changed a few things.

It does NOT work on comments.

Mary Uible Crowson said...

I thought that was why the folks gave us a good college education---or maybe elementary/secondary education---so that we could spell. Maybe they didn't teach that at Barnesville? lol

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