Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Home Sweet Home

As much as we enjoyed visiting Mom & Dad, as well as John, Julie, Kate & Andrew, we are happy to return to our humble abode here in Glendale where everything seems exactly as we left it. Thanks to Wendy for picking us up at the airport. My goal now is to stay up until at least 9pm to try to readjust to Mountain Standard Time. I need to work until 9pm tomorrow night so don't want to be falling asleep on the job. Looking forward to Wendy's baby shower coming up this weekend. Gerry just talked to Dee and she and family are coming over Friday for the weekend so they will be here for the big event. John, congratulations on your post! Thanks to Julie for the great vegan dinner last night. Mother & Dad, thanks for all your hospitality and meals out.

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serena said...

Welcome back Catherine and Gerry!

Roberta, Sid and I are going to shop for the shower tomorrow . . . we'll see what the $.99 store has in stock. Especially since Wendy Jean so enjoyed her birthday gifts last time.

Will there be a camera at the baby shower? Will someone take a picture of KC2? With his eyes open? Then we could post it on the blog.

Also, would you please send me the address of where the shower is going to be? Roberta seems rather uncertain about where it is.

Sounds like the Morgans will have a busy week-end.

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