Sunday, October 15, 2006

Go Raw Cafe


Have you eaten here? It sounds interesting. I found it thanks to the post you sent me about Luby's - I went and looked at the Disease Proof website - very interesting.

Although it is rather far to go just for lunch or supper. Perhaps when the Newark Uibles and the Crowsons come to visit . . . ?!


Catherine said...

Serena, no we haven't eaten at the RAW food place in Las Vegas. I think we'd be doing good to re-visit the vegan place in Scottsdale where you and I ate the raw food. I've been talking up a repeat visit with Gerry and I'm sure I can talk the folks into going there. The Crowsons, etc. are a different matter.

Mom & Dad said...

Curious where this restaurant is?? For sure it is not in Clinton County. See where the Great Steak and Potato franchise is coming to Wilmington.

Mom and Dad

serena said...

It is in Las Vegas, Nevada - just like Wilmington, but warmer

Mom & Dad said...

OOPS, now see that the restaurant location is in Las Vegas. Bob Gooding told us that Jim loves to go to Las Vegas for the furniture show. Said that in High Point, North Carolina the sidewalks close very early.

Mom and Dad

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