Friday, October 13, 2006

Family Resemblance

Forgot why I was writing a post when I got off on the organ situation! Was organizing all my family history information and interesting to see family resemblances amongst the living and the dead. The strongest resemblance to me was Serena (current picture on the blog) and Grandmother Ballantyne/Aunt Virginia! Have you all gotten the latest picture CD I sent this week?


Roberta said...

NOT YET.....but we look forward to seeing the pictures! Thanks in advance.....oh, Sid and I were sitting outside for awhile tonight to observe the rain , till I got cold. I must say though I was sitting out in my sleeveless gown! Roberta who is about to hit the sheets

serena said...

When I got up this morning, found out that Fat Cat had sneaked out when Roberta and Sid went outside last night. He was VERY eager to come in and then race for the food bowl since it had been at least 8 hours since he had last had access to food.

serena said...

Can't say I can remember any resemblance I have/had to Aunt Virginia or either grandmother. At least what I remember of Aunt Virginia is that she had BRIGHT red hair - and later very white hair - blue eyes and rather angular face. And Grandmother Ballantyne - short, red-headed and blue-eyed . . . doesn't sound much like me. Haven't seen the photos though.

Have heard that I look a lot like Roberta around here. And that we sound a lot alike. Few people think I look or sound like Catherine. You can almost hear people thinking "Which one of you was adopted?"

serena said...

MV - we got CDs yesterday. THANKS! That was a lot of work. I've imported them all to Picassa and will be uploading them into online albums this week.

Still don't see much resemblance with me and Ballantynes.

Mary Uible Crowson said...

I wasn't talking so much about resemblance in physical features as much as facial expressions, skin color I guess. I ought to have Mom and Dad bring (more)pictures to scan when they come to visit in December.

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