Friday, October 06, 2006

Catherine -

Can you get your email when you are in NV?

Anyway, I think a major part of the problem is that months ago M&D had accepted an invitation to blogger . . . had a password, etc., etc. under the same address they are now using. So Blogger knew they already had an account. You might want to go ahead and just delete the original account. Or let me know and I can delete myself.


Catherine said...

Serena, yes we can access our email and did so last night. Limited time this am as we are about to go to Wilmington. More later.... --Catherine

Catherine said...

Serena, if you can do it, go ahead. This computer is very slow (as you know) so is rather frustrating to try to do much. Maybe that is why it won't let me bookmark it so it comes up with their account?

serena said...

The first account has now been deleted. As long as they can get to the blog and hit the "Add post to blog" or whatever the exact wording is, should work fine. And as long as Blogger is set to remember their passwords.

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