Saturday, October 14, 2006

Baby Shower here we come!

Wendy & Ken, we are looking forward to the baby shower which will be starting in less than two hours. Glad the weather has cleared off and it has turned into a sunny day for the celebration. No chance of frost here today! Dee and family will be meeting us there also as they have journeyed from San Diego for the big event! Not quite as big an event as the actual arrival of the baby will be though. According to my notes this is a picture of Kenneth Charles III's great-grandmother, currently better known as Peaches, Luscious, Mother, Mom, or Grandma.

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serena said...

This is a very nice photo! Thanks for posting. Great to see the Morgans, etc. at the shower last night. It was fun! We did stop at a couple of thrift stores along the way, but all we got was the $1.15 cookbook I showed you. Well, and Roberta bought a bracelet.

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