Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Anybody want to guess who took this photo? And why?

On the back of the photograph it does state: "May 21, 1967 (FBS)" [Friends Boarding School or Olney or Barnesville]

"I was in process of taking a picture of Don, which never turned out."

I'm sure that we are all thankful that at least we have indistinct, anonymous people around a helicopter in front of Barnesville school to commemorate the important occasion of almost getting a picture of Don. Of course the next question is WHO IS DON?

Photo taken by Roberta, the photographer . . . who has written on about .01% of the photos she has taken. However, we do have this particular gem she has kept for almost 40 years . . . of Don . . . who got away before even the camera could capture his image.

serena who writes the history and therefore is allowed to interpret it. Posted by Picasa


Catherine said...

Serena, I like your quote about interpreting history! Not sure how well the folks will do with the posting and commenting. Their computer is very slow in advancing to the post or comment screen and sometimes they don't "click" correctly so the combination can be deadly in getting to the desired next screen.

Mary Uible Crowson said...


Roberta said...

What does rot......mean?

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