Friday, October 20, 2006

12834 Ballad

Wanted to let everyone know that we are alive and well and though you have not heard from me I have been reading posts and comments. Yesterday we supported the medical profession with three appointments and long story made bearable Sid was scheduled for a cat scan this morning at 7:30 to find if there was a repeat of the same problem of about a month ago with blood on the top of the brain. Four phone calls later to the same doctor that insisted we have the cat scan done today have produced nothing but "you will be hearing from the doctor" and "the doctor is in surgery" or "only the doctor can read the report" This was in answer to my question if the report was in English and if someone in the office could possibly read it since I understood English!

The good news to report is that we have just come from a bike ride this evening of 4-5 miles, perhaps longer, so we are ready for the Tempe bike ride this Sunday. We have done this bike ride annually since we got our first side-by-side bike and I believe Sid was the oldest one doing it 4 years ago and he continues to hold the record!

Tomorrow I am to work a health fair meaning I pass out information and try to get people to either be interested in receiving Interfaith services or if they look too healthy to try to get them to be a volunteer. Other Interfaith staff have commented in the past that I am the only one that can talk for hours and not have to take a break! I tell them it is because as a child I did not have a chance to talk much!

Are blogs supposed to be short???? Best of weekends to one and all however you spend it! Love, Roberta the poster

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

tried to comment last night but window would not come up---maybe too many people on blogspot?

Hope all the bike riding goes well---we'd be glad to send info re: Tour de Georgia which is every Spring. Kind of like RAGBRAI I think, but they don't allow you to eat other's left-over fried chicken.

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