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1985 Family Letter -Feb. 3

February 3, 1985

Dear Family:

So good to be in touch with all of you recently . . . seeing X and John in Newark, Roberta in Florida, M.V. at home, and Serena and Catherine, the two January birthday gals via telephone.

Right now the sunshine here in NV is brighter than it was in Florida most of the time . . the temperature here is around the zero mark.  It was a  truly a winter wonderland outdoors with the snow on the trees, the fresh snow glistening and virtually a full moon overhead together with a dependable furnace in the house.

Last Monday evening we had a "replay" of life of twenty-five years ago when the four Culbreath children joined us for supper and the evening.  How quickly we forget how "it was".  . . . . twenty-five years earlier in our lives.

We have made reservations to visit the Morgans from May 12 to the 21st in Washington. . . it is amazing how "cheap airfares are for certain flights like this one.  Our last visit to central Washington was in 1962 for the Seattle's World Fair.

Re-reading the foregoing paragraph reminds me that I should be studying English more, rather than listening to Spanish tapes, at best we have some confidence on handling espanol numero.  We will be staying at the Hotel Senorial, Portal de Flores 6, Oaxaca, Mexico for two weeks from February 23.  We are going to spend three nights on our [own] at Cancun on the way down and another three nights in Mexico City on the way back.

Dad has covered the news and weather very well so will just add a line.  The planned trip to Columbus for two days never materialized as the weather was so bad Friday that Ann Bailey and I just got as far as Washington Court House on the freeway (I-71 and Rt. 35) so turned around and came back.  I thought I'd get her back in time for school but it had been cancelled too.  The week previous they had kept 30+ East Clinton students and 14 teachers overnite so were not taking that chance again.  The rest of the schools in the county dismissed early both Fridays.  Hope we have better weather when we go to New York (Feb. 14-17).  We plan to see Joe there.  Feb. 18 is a holiday so may or may not see John and X on the way back that Sunday, Feb. 17.  We just have time to catch our breath before we leave again Feb. 20.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you whenever and however you care to communicate but always to like to hear - never often enough.

With much love,

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