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1975 Roberta's Letter - Feb. 14

February 14, 1975
Dear Family,

Good Morning!  It's 5:15 & just guess what I'm doing up so early –getting ready to go to work!  Ranch House in Delray just couldn't make it w/out me – HA!  No, I'm just working for today.  I stopped in on Wednesday and the manager cornered me into working today.  Inventory is tonight & I've got the feeling that's the reason he wanted me down there today – as always before I would get him all set up for doing the inventory.

Thanks alot for the Valentine Card & check – also the letter.  I didn't get any valentines out myself – since I still had a full box of Christmas cards that didn't get used I figure I wouldn't invest in valentines.

I've got an appointment Monday to take the Buick & get it painted.  I think I'm getting a good deal.  First the guy looked at it & said $220.00 dollars.  I just shook my head and asked him if he had ever heard that times were hard now days.  Then he said $190.00 – and I told him I really wanted it done but $190.00 would buy an awfully lot of groceries.  Finally he (after about 2 minutes of awkward silence) said he could do it for $140.00 – but he would not take out the back window - as he would for $220.00.  Instead they will just put some kind of seal around it so hopefully water won't come through again – thus causing the rust.

Then we had to decide on a color – I had in my head a nice pretty shade of orange – or something w/ a little bit of color in it.  Well – the guy told me I had to remember that I had a 4-door passenger car – not a sports model!  So we finally decided on Sunset Yellow.  It will be pretty – but not exactly what I had 1st in mind – but as the guy said that a bright color doesn't turn out that well on a big car!

Now – would you all like to contribute to this good cause?  I was thinking – though I'd really like to  – I better stay down here over Spring break.  It's too expensive to fly up when I'll be back home in June – just some 2½ months later.  So – instead of paying my way home (bet you didn't know you were going to do it – HA!) if you would like to contribute to the paint job – I would greatly appreciate it!

It's now Friday night – got the pills & tape today in the mail – thanks.  The tape is really good.  I'll try to make you all a tape & then send it & mine back to you all.

Mary Virginia – thanks for your letter.  I'm glad you won't have to miss school when you come down in June – that is if you all have to have a reason for coming down.  I'll know after the next statistics test.  I now meet w/ my tutor twice a week.  This course is costing me an arm & a leg.  I've never encountered anything like it before.

In April I'm planning on taking my GRE exam.  You have to take it if you have any dream of ever going to graduate school.  I really don't think I'll ever make it to grad. school – but then when I graduated from high school I had no idea I'd ever make it to college!

It was good to work today – but I'm not going back on any permanent basis yet!  George – the district manager came in and was kidding me how I must have been homesick for work.  I just laughed & told him that my "good grades" would not pay my bills!

Rob has joined a health spa type of place – you know one of those muscle-building places.  He loves it – and in just over a month you can really tell a difference.  But – now don't ever mention about this in a letter because Uncle Bill would not allow Rob to join.  So he did it behind his fathers back.  Grandma, Aunt Mary & I all laugh about the whole deal.

Well, thanks again for the letter, check, tape & medicine.

Love, Berta

[Written on side margin of first page] I'm having the Buick painted at the place that just paints cars.  It's where Uncle Bill had the ford & camero done.

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