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1975 Roberta's Letter -Feb.26

February 26, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  Just got done eating my supper – am at school – and now waiting for Dorothy to come on the bus.  She lives in W.P.B. – every Monday & Wednesday drives to Lake Worth to catch the bus down to school for statistics.  Then on Thursday when we both just have stat lab she drives.  Next quarter I'll be taking the bus down & she will be driving most of the time because she will have a 3:30 class and she doesn't get off work until 2:00.  The bus is a good deal – as it picks you up right along Dixie & lets you off right at F.A.U. – runs every hour and only costs 75¢ (no I think that was raised to 95¢)

Gee – didn't realize it would take me so long as to the bus –

Thanks alot for your letter & check today.  You can put your mind to ease as far as the $ going toward a good cause!

I took the Buick down yesterday to have fixed anything that they could find wrong!  They couldn't find one thing!  Except – they said I did have  4  BAD tires.

So right afterwards I made 3 phone calls – then took my car to the Goodyear place & you'll never believe what I had put on the car this morning?  A brand new set of 4 – that are each guaranteed for 40,000 mils!!  ANY GUESSES?  It was a pretty good deal – where you buy 1 at regular price – then the 2nd one is half price.  I convinced myself it was worth it – now I hope I'm not proven wrong!  Uncle Bill is sure I did the wrong thing – he told me I should just buy the cheapest – Grandma generously paid 1/2 of the price – but she doesn't want Uncle Bill to know so don't mention it in a letter.

Tomorrow we register for Spring Quarter – hopefully I'll get everything I want to take.  They are making us pay our tuition $ out also tomorrow.  Used to you could wait till just a day or two before the quarter – but not anymore.  I guess the school is hurting for $!

Did I tell you all that I'm going North to Stuart for the weekend – to visit the Hinermans.  I called them up last weekend and invited myself up.  Will be going up Friday afternoon.  (I weakened and said I would work till 1:00 pm.)  This is inventory weekend and it will be BAD – since we had that stuff stolen.

I hope tonight's lecture doesn't mess me up too much – it will go on the 3rd Test – right now we are just in the middle of the 2nd test.  Had the theory part Monday night & will have the homework part tomorrow night.  I'm so bound & determined to pass the course!  Dad – I will "will" you my calculator – hopefully I won't need it after March 12th.  If you can't use it (don't need it) just give it to John.  It's been a real life saver for me –

I'm getting some good wear out of the heavy sweater Uncle Bill & Aunt Mary gave me for Christmas.  It's turned cool the last couple of days!  Did you even see the sweaters I sent Serena or Catherine?  Mine is just like Catherine's – and Serena's is also the same style – just a different pattern.

Yes – we saw the article in the W.N.J. about Oscar & Elizabeth (19Feb1975, can be found at this link) – that was something.  [Article is about their use of wind power, includes a picture of them.]

Dorothy's bus is really running late – it's now 6:25 & it's supposed to be here by 6:00.  That why you can't take the bus if you are running on a tight schedule!

Did I tell you all that I went to the "Society of the Arts" building in Palm Beach w/ John Murphy to see this movie on producing a movie.  I didn't realize where we were going so I just had on my pans & a tip AND my tennis shoes!

Need I tell you that 99% of the women there had on long dresses & their mink stoles (sp?) to make it all the worst – out of the whole bunch there – there was only us – plus 4 others under – say 40 to 50!

It's now Thursday afternoon.  I'm all registered & now cramming for the test tonight.  I'll call you when I get the results – probably Monday night then you'll know whether or not you need to come in June!  My advisor told me this morning just to be w/ a D – I said I would be if I would be guarantee that.

Love, Berta

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