Friday, February 06, 2015

1955 Serena Uible Reynolds letter -Feb6

Aunt Serena writes a letter after hearing the news of the birth of her great-niece, Serena.  Transcription follows:

806 No. Poinsettia Pl
Los Angeles 46 Calif.

Dear Jean, Harold, Catherine, Roberta & Serena,

Well don't you know when your that little announcement came & it was addressed to Mrs. Leslie Reynolds I thought it was for Joan because it was unusual for me to get a letter addressed that way, but since no other one came I decided it must have been for me, so congratulations and what a thrill to know the name Serena is being carried on.

Don't be discouraged Harold and Jean for we had four girls in a row.  Who does Serena look like and of course the girls are proud of her !

Serena and Keith have decided to stay back there and she wanted some of her things shipped to her and so that freed me from the house, yard, rooms [?], & so forth that we had there and now I am in a little apartment by self and I am so happy here & grateful & say Thank You God every minute of the day.

I have a television, radio & record player, telephone & every thing that I want or need.

I am north of Wilshire Blvd which is towards Hollywood.

Everyone is fine and it has been rather cold for a few nights, that is down around freezing.  Of course Dad and Mother [CJ and Gladys] are enjoying Florida.  It is so nice that they can go there each winter and I suppose will be back in Ohio for part of April.  So nice that they can spend that time with Mary and family.

Some of these days I will get something to send to Serena.

With all my love, Aunt Serena

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