Tuesday, February 10, 2015

1975 Roberta Postcard -Feb. 7

[7 Feb 1975 postmarked]

[from front of postcard]  HI!  Got your letter yesterday.  Hope that Dad is well over the flu.  Just realized I am on the wrong side . . .

[from back of postcard]  Guess I'm in too big of a hurry . . . the postman will be here soon.  Seems I'm always racing him.  Did want you all to know that there will be graduation service for the graduating class of 1975.  It will be on June 15th.  If that date is not convenient, that's ok -- I won't bother going through the deal unless you all come down., so let me know though ok?  The quarter isn't over till June 12th.

I do have about a 2 and a half week vacation in March from F.A.U., but my science course at the junior college goes straight through till about April 15th.  It does only meet once a week, so maybe I could miss one class and leave right after one.

Of course now I don't need to worry about work.  It's a very good thing I did quit; I've so much work to do.  Statistics is very time consuming, also I've got tests in everything else coming up ––

Love, Berta

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