Wednesday, February 25, 2015

1985 Catherine's Letter -Feb.25

Monday, February 25, 1985

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  How has your stay in Mexico been?  We have finally had a few warmer days here and the snow is beginning to melt.  Our house is surrounded by trees though so our yard and driveway are still full of snow and ice but grass can be seen elsewhere in town where there is more southern exposure.  Gerry and I went for a long walk yesterday past the golf course where there seemed to be alot of standing water so it will be a few more weeks before we will be able to play any golf.

Wendy has reservations to be in Phoenix from March 31 - April 10 so of course she is really excited about that.  And we're looking forward to a vacation from parenthood!  And then it won't be too much longer and you will be visiting us.

We got a new washing machine about two weeks ago from Sears.  They delivered it from their Colfax store and hauled away the old one so that worked out pretty well.  It is definitely more convenient than the laundramatte [sic], especially since our truck seems to be having more and more problems and has become totally unreliable.  We may be buying a car in the next couple weeks instead of waiting until June as we had originally hoped.  The car that we are planning to buy is an Oldsmobile Cutlass, 1978 that appears to be in excellent condition.

I have to be off now to stop at the Post Office on my way to ready Wendy's class a story.  I was originally scheduled to read to them the Monday before Valentine's Day but there was not school due to snow, and then last Monday was President's Day.

Hope to hear about your trip soon!

Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

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