Sunday, February 22, 2015

1975 Roberta's Letter -Feb.17

Roberta starts her letter at the end of Grandma's letter of the same date and the letter continues on notebook paper plus the page with the "half mile long formula."  Only the letter, not the math problem, are transcribed below.

Hello –
One month from yesterday & we will be all done w/statistics – next quarter – except for Biology should be a breeze.  I'm also planning on taking more hours than I need to graduate because F.A.U. is offering a new course – "Death & Dying" and I want to take it – plus one of my favorite professors is giving this course "social work procedures" and I decided I also wanted to take it.  Then I need a 5 hour criminal justice course so my advisor is letting me do a field experience.  I have an appointment w/ him next Wednesday about that.  And of course I need biology.  Now – I will have to change all my plans if I should have to retake stat.  I was looking over my transcript and if I would get a D in statistics it will be my very 1st D (in college).

NO – I wasn't allowed to take it pass/fail – which is the reason I'm trying so hard – HA!

The Buick is now being painted – but I changed the color to Holly green – kind of a dark green.  I couldn't see another yellow car – as the Oldsmobile & Camero are also yellow.

I'm going to take the car next to Trogdens – have a "preventive check-up."  Then to a tire place to get wheels aligned & I'm afraid new tires – as I've got bald tires (just in spots) on there now.

Uncle Bill wants me to buy his old tires off the Oldsmobile then he would buy new tires – but I think I'd rather just buy new tires.

I've put over 5,000 miles on the car since arriving in Fla. in September.

I'm glad I quit work – I just worked 2 days last week & said I would work this Friday – I guess I just see the $ signs every time they ask me.  (Ho, Hum!)  They told my replacement that she was to replace me until I got "feeling better."  This I just found out – I was wondering because last week everyone kept asking me how I felt!!!

Better go – I've got my 1st science test tonight – and of course there is always statistics!

Love, Berta

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