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1984 Roberta's Letter -Aug. 8

Dear Family,

Hi!  WELCOME HOME!!!!  We will be anxious to hear all about your trip.  Had the nicest letter from Cynthia giving great detail about your time with them.  I'm so glad you got to visit with her and Murray.  She was giving a raving report about the two of you, and was glad to spend some less hectic time (compared to around the wedding) with you all.

I dropped the typewriter just before the last newsletter.  Was walking with it and the cord got caught on the door-knob so the machine really hit the floor hard.  Pieces flew all over.  I think it was totaled.  Actually I had been thinking (esp. since the Newsletter comes once a month) to get a typewriter with different features.  Sid and I both have old style electric ones---perhaps we could trade-in on a decent one.  Borrowed two different typewriters for typing Newsletter.  Used an IBM selectomatic---sure nice once you get used to the magic back space button!

It's now Monday morning.  Hard to believe that I will be leaving here on Wednesday.  Most of my packing is already done and in the trailer.  Sure nice to travel wit a four foot closet and three drawers.  Feel like on this trip I've got the best of both worlds...flying the long hauls and being in the trailer!!!

It has been very strange being here this past week by myself.  Since I had usually been here before marriage with at least one dog and usually three.  I've had my share of challenges down at Senior Village too that usually Sid takes care of.  Needless to say I miss having Sid around lots.  Of course, as you all know, I've gone both to Florida and Ohio and left him here . ... but then I was the one then to have the change of pace so to speak .... not the one left behind.  I'm not looking forward to the month of September when I'll be here alone.  Maybe I'll plan to go on a mini-trip toward the end of the month.

We had lots and lots of rain last weekend.  Had a leak in one of the houses for sometime and last week did the ceiling in.  Plasterboard got all wet and just started coming down.  Did lots of damage to the room that it came down in.  We had the people out of the room but oh, what a mess.  Then the insulation got mold growing on it so we had to empty the whole house.  that was the first time for that.

I've been running around trying to get everything done -- supplies in -- etc before I leave.  Have never been gone for this length of time before and my new boss is not at all handy to have around.

Rented a VCR Video machine last nite and two exercise tapes.  One being Richard Simmons and another adult exercise tape.  Also had borrowed the Jane Jonda [sic, probably meant Fonda] workout tape from a friend so listened and did quite a bit of them.  Feel like I'm getting ready to go into the Marines.

I loaned out the Impala this last week to Candy who stays here while we are gone.  She was going to go on a AZ vacation and has a car without AC and that uses lot of gas.....She really like the Impala.  I had some experience using Sid's volkswagon.  The battery decided to go out.  Had it charged up, but didn't hold the charge.  Then since it's such an unusual size battery had a hard time replacing it.

Got the Hortons letter.  I'm amazed they are off to Mexico in October.  Think that its great tho.

We'll e at Sid's brother till Sunday AM then from Monday to Saturday at Judy's

Much love – Looking forward to seeing all –––  Love, Roberta

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