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1974 Roberta's letter -Aug.23

August 23, 1974
Dear Family,

Hi! I've got the beans cooking & the movie "the Prime of Miss Jean Brodie" on the T.V. so thought I'd sit down & write a few lines!

Everything is going fine on the home front.  We got your post card - after you had seen the Hinermans.  Did Mr. Hinerman have much to say about the ole stock market?

Tomorrow I'm supposed to meet Janice Carroll (from Morrow) in Wilmington for lunch & then go to her house.  I'm going to stay all night so Marie is planning on taking Grandma to S.S. & Church.  I'm planning of being back in time for Church – afterward G'ma, Ruth & I will eat our Sunday Dinner Out - maybe Waynesville  – not via Yellow Springs!

We should eat here - even w/ my big appetite I have way too many vegetables!  I picked beans - a whole bucketful tonight.  Also lots of tomatoes - I stewed some of them.

I bet X & Cathy's house is really progressing fast w/ all of the recruits (you all) up there!

I made a really good apple sauce cake (W.W.) w/ the apple sauce - oh, I weighed in last night and I've lost ½ pound since last month.  Not bad considering how I eat, huh?

The old Shell gas station - there by Wilmington College was torn down & a Lawson's [?] store (something like U.D.F.) is going to be built there.

Well, this is short - but I better go & check up on what's cooking ––

Will write again – hope you are having a good time – think of me working and eating green beans!

Love, Berta

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