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1954 Jean's Letter -Aug 15

1954 Jean's letter to her mother
First and last pages scanned.
Sunday –
Aug. 15, 1954
Dearest Mother,

Guess its all settled that we will take off this coming Saturday, the 21st.  It will be late in the afternoon at the very earliest so don't count on us for dinner.  Daddy Uible has decided to accompany Harold to New York so they'll leave early Sunday morning and be back the next Friday (Aug. 27th) and then we want you to come home with us for three or four weeks.  Harold will be traveling off & on & we'd like you to keep us company.

Mary & Bill & family left Friday morning for Florida so they'd be getting into Lake Worth today.  They had a grand time in Utah & Bill enjoyed his school training there.  Mary said they were lost without the children but the time went real fast.  Mary became interested in Mormonism so enjoyed talking to the people who owned the motel, etc. & seeing the things of historic interest there.  She (rather they) brought the girls leather bracelets with beads of various colors on them which made quite a hit, a paperweight for Harold and a honey dish shaped like a bee hive with a ceramic bee on the top.  The honey also made a big hit for we've had it for almost every meal.

Harold had to work over at the County Fair for three days (9-4) directing traffic.  The Lions Club's bid of $700 for policing the fair was accepted so they all had to put in three days there.

We (Mother & Daddy Uible and all the children) went over Monday to see the animals & had some of the food the fair offers (foot-long hot dogs, ice cream, candy, etc.)

Wednesday evening there was a picnic for Mary & Bill, Aunt Mary, Uncle Harry – Joe & Mary Hiestand & their family, Paul & Miriam & their family, Helen & Wibb Carr & their boy (Helen is Aunt Mary's daughter by her 1st marriage) & all the Uible-Horton clan.  It turned cool that day but was still good weather & we all had a good time.

We told [about Serena's expected arrival] the family the night before Mary & Bill took off – at almost the last minute & about that time more company arrived & we left & thats all thats been said.

We had a tube go bad in our television set but finally got it fixed and might so every enjoy it again.

The girls like their new bed real well & are anxious for you to come down & try it out.  I separate them in the afternoon for their naps (usually Catherine just rests anyway) but they are together in it at night & are finally learning to sleep in it without being crosswise in the bed.

Don't go to any trouble for us over the weekend for Harold & Daddy Uible may not even be there for a meal & we don't want you to be too worn out to come home with us.

All our very best love,
Harold, Jean, Catherine & Roberta

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