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1954 Jean's Letter -Aug 1

1954 Jean's Letter to her mother - Aug. 1
First and last pages scanned.
August 1, 1954
Dearest Mother,

We should have sooner [written] to tell you we arrived home safely about 8:00 last Sunday night.  We stopped on the way to eat, see Melvin & Helen Long (they weren't home but saw their little girl & Helen's family who were baby-sitting) and later Aunt Vertie and then at Mother & Daddy Uibles to see them & the Horton children.

Tuesday afternoon Bill Sanker called from Cleveland to say he was leaving then for Cincinnati & so he arrived at 12:30 that night (we had left everything ready for him) but didn't hear him come in.  He left after breakfast (around 6:30) & stopped on his way back Thursday night – stayed for supper & all night & left about 4:00 AM for Cleveland – when we again didn't hear him.

They are tearing down the house behind the filling station across the street where Arlene & Dick Curtis used to live.  They plan to put up a super-modern station there.

We stopped tonight to see the McElwee's newly-moved-in-to house.  They certainly have the rooms now.  Three bedrooms, huge attic, basement (with big billiard table & fixed up like a recreation room).  I'd think they'd really get lost in the house after their former one.

Mother & Daddy Uible & the 3 little Horton's were down for supper tonight.  They brought a watermelon & I doctored up a bought Angel food with strawberries & whipped cream and we had some cold roast beef & turkey sandwiches (the latter thanks to Thanksgiving – the last package).

Catherine didn't feel very good this past week but is fine now.  Wednesday she had a fever of 102ยบ & complained of sore throat.  We had Dr. Fullerton Thursday morning & he gave her a penicillin shot, sulphea medicine & some other pills & she soon snapped out of it.  He said its primarily her tonsils & wants to see them this fall & see that they're taken out if need be.

Mary & Bill are due back about a week from tomorrow & I'll bet G'Ma & G'Dad are counting the days.  The children don't seem to be a bit homesick.

I'm to get a permanent Tuesday.  The Lions Club picnic is Wednesday night – Thursday is the WSCS picnic & that night the Firemen [?] are giving a minstrel.  Tomorrow night is Church Board Meeting and I have a Hospital Twig meeting too.

The Fenwicks have gone to Florida for a little vacation.  His sister lives there (in Miami).  John didn't go.  I guess he has to work.

No doubt Bob & Harriette & family are home or almost so by now.  Do hope they had a nice vacation.

Would you ask Virginia if she might have packed the belt to my navy dotted nylon or perhaps it will turn up some old place at home – anyway I hope.

We're counting on you coming down soon so please plan on it.  Harold is planning to go to New York in about 3 weeks.

All our very best love,
Harold, Jean, Catherine, Roberta & ? [expected baby Serena] (We haven't told M.&D. Uible yet so shhhhhh please)

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