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1954 Jean's Letter -Aug 8

1954 Letter from Jean to her mother - Aug. 8
First and last page scanned.
Aug. 8, 1954
Dearest Mother,

Glad to receive your letter yesterday and had hoped to hear that you would come down.

Last week was pretty busy – Tuesday I got my permanent – Jean Eaton [Baugh] gave it to me at her house.  Wednesday night was the Lions Club picnic which we had to have at the church because of rain (among other things I made one of those cakes (A&P orange chiffon) with whipped cream and peaches which was a big hit).

Thursday morning we all (4 of us) went to Hillsboro & I got a summer dress on sale – kind of a dimity with a crinoline slip – real pretty.  And we also purchased a double dresser in sold maple & a Hollywood bed with a maple head board – both very pretty for the girls' room.  Mother Uible had a mattress & springs so we're using those on it (They came Saturday).  

Thurs. afternoon was the WSCS picnic at Mrs. Howard Penn's.  Mother Uible insisted on staying home with all the children so they had an indoor picnic due to rainy weather again.

Thursday night the Firemen were putting on a show & we felt obliged to go to it.

Friday a whole carful of us (Donna Cornelius, driver, her mother Mrs. McClure, Jean Eaton, Alice Rudisill, Charlotte Hause and I) went to Cincinnati for the day.  Harold had a trip to Sandusky so took both the girls with him.  I half looked for summer dresses but there weren't any decent ones left.  I also looked at maternity house dresses but they had only 2 piece one which didn't appeal to me.  I did get a real pretty Bates spread for the girls room.  Also found baby things on sale so really stocked up – 4 doz diapers, 8 shirts, 4 kimonos, 4 bath towel sets and 5 yards of sani-sheeting.

We got home about 6:00 & Harold & the girls about 6:20.  Mary Ruth & Bob were having a dinner party at 6:30 so it was quite a rush.  It was one of those affairs put on my a stainless-steel co. to sell their pots & pans.  The whole dinner is cooked & served by the salesman & then you get sales talk before & after the dinner & he makes appointments to see you in your own home the next day.  They only wanted $146 for the small set & $235 (5 pieces) for the larger sets (about 8 or 9 pieces).  Plus they they want you to book another dinner party for them.  What a racket!  

From all I hear there were only two of the six couples invited who didn't buy a set nor book a party.  Jean & Joe Eaton were the other couple.  I can't see any pot or pan worth $30 a piece.  We might have booked a party but I couldn't see invited 5 other couples who would feel obliged to be rooked.

This morning we had no church services.  I taught the 6-8 year olds in Sunday School class and will have the group next Sunday too as their teacher is away on vacation.

I forgot to tell you that when Mary & Bill were up at Bill's mother, they started up to see you & someone told them the road was under construction for four miles and due to the terrific dust they thought it best to turn around altho they were sorry not to get to see you.  Mary was rather miserable the whole time she was in Ohio due to the dust.  

Catherine is fine now – snapped out of her sick spell right away & Roberta is as impish as ever.

The Horton children seem to get along fine without their parents.  Mary & Bill will be in prob Tues or poss Monday or maybe Wednesday.  She wrote & said she'd never go as far from the children again.  Mother U. wanted to know if we felt that way – & we said we missed them but would go again if the opportunity knocked – guess we're just callous.

I've been feeling fine – probably will go to the doctor again this week as my pills have run out.  Still haven't mentioned it to Mother & Daddy Uible altho I imagine they have guessed it from some of their remarks.

Harold says to tell you we will leave New Vienna two weeks from yesterday Aug 21 (Saturday) & will take you home with us the following Saturday (Aug. 28) so please make your plans to come.  I have to entertain the WSCS Sept. 2 so want you here then.  We won't take "no" for an answer this time.  We've got a better bed for you now.

All our very best love, 
Harold, Jean, Catherine, Roberta & ? [unborn Serena]


Mary Crowson said...

Impish Roberta---are they talking about OUR SISTER? Surely not! Not surprised by Mother's comments about the dinner party to sell the cookware. Probably the hosts got % off their purchase for hosting...which is why I don't host or go to those parties anymore... I don't really remember Mother cooking, especially desserts (i.e. Orange chiffon cake). The Hortons were living in Florida by now?

Mary Crowson said...

And it was written on Aunt Mary's birthday!

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