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1974 Roberta's letter -Aug.27

August 27, 1974

Dear Family,

Hello . . . . thought I would take a brake (I mean break) from the cooking and write you all a note.  I've cooked up my second batch of green beans tonight; also stewed some more tomatoes, cooked some beets tonight.  I had stewed tomototes [sic] for breakfast. . . so I've had them all three meals today!!

This is going to be a short work week as we don't have to work this Friday.  Which worked out fine for me because Debbie (from Cincinnati--but who has been living in Michigan called me tonight and said that she will be in Cincinnati this Friday and Saturday and wanted to know if I could come down.  Grandma made a doctors appointment with Dr. Hamilton at 9:00 A.M Friday morning so it will work out fine for me to take her to the doctors after all and then leave for the city early afternoon or late Friday morning.

There isn't too much news down at the shop.  Dorothy Pope and her husband are going back to Canada just for Labor Day weekend.  Vicky Oppy is getting a divorce.  There have been some more deaths.....  Mary Purtee Kingsolver died this morning.  Also the old man who lived with Mary Pinkerton died yesterday, his name was Roland Nelson.  And do you remember Mr. William Longsworth..well, a notice of his death was in the paper tonight.  He died August 3, in a motorcycle accident.  I remember him a little; but I would think Catherine would more.

Sorry for the switch but I had to change typewriters as the ribbon on yours got all messed up.

We ate out as planned on Sunday, Grandma mentioned today that next Sunday we will have to go to Leesburg's famous restaurant, Lytles.  Maybe I should suggest that we wait to eat there until after you all get back.  I would feel guilty eating there without you all.  I am really making us of the miracle oven [microwave?] while you all are away.  Last night Vanessa, Fayala, Deb and Nancy were here for supper.  I fed them broiled lamb chops, baked potatoes (done in the miracle oven) and of course green beans, and tomotoes [sic] After wards we went to the movie "The Sting."

Dad I got your short note and will get those tickets to before too long.  Sunday there was an enormous crowd in Church.  There were new members, change of memberships, kids being baptized, etc.

I'm enclosing Marianne's latest letter.  I thought Catherine might find parts of it to be amusing.  I haven't gotten the typewriter yet, but did make it to Swallens and picked up the new jar and blade for the blender that they had ordered for me. (free)  I've been using it and it does a might fine job.

I better close for tonight.  If I think of anything I'll add it in the morning.  Have more time now in the morning as the paper never comes before I leave for work.

Don't worry about a thing – Wiggles gets fed everyday, the water get flowered [sic] –– but the kitchen floor doesn't get mopped or the bed made everyday!

Love, Berta

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