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1984 Catherine's Letter -Aug. 7

August 7, 1984
Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi! Have you resettled into life in the USA yet? [After trip to England, Scotland & Wales]  How's the jet lag?  I was planning to type this letter (I need to practice for a test Thursday) but Wendy & DeeDee are both still sleeping (it's 6:55 a.m.) and this house is very small.

The typing test is at WSU for the two jobs I applied for there – Office Assistant III and Secretary III.  Those and the Office Asst. II job in the County Clerk's office here in Colfax are my "back-up" job possibilities as now I have another professional library job I'm trying for.

The gal that got the job as Children's Librarian in Pullman was working at the Moscow/Latah County Library so now her job is open.  I will send you a copy of the job announcement.  It sounds like a good job more in line with my experience but the Librarian here in Colfax says my problem my be that the Head Librarian there would be intimidated by the fact that I was a Head Librarian [in Oregon].  Let's hope not!  Moscow is about 25 miles from Colfax so it would require a longer commute.  After I take the typing test I'm going to Moscow to give them my resume and references.

I sent a dress to Roberta at your address.  It is the one I wore at her wedding.  It should fit her now and I haven't worn it since.  Also in the package are some clippings that you should be interested in.  Be sure and send us some pictures from the reception.

Wendy is still telling us details of her Ohio trip. And she enjoys playing with the Wells items which she brought back with her.  She and DeeDee are getting along very well.  Dee Dee will return to San Diego on Aug. 18th.  Wendy is looking forward to September – school starts on Sept. 4 and of course her birthday.  Also the County Fair is held here the 6th-9th.

Harvest has begun and Gerry is very busy at work.  It will probably be a few weeks before things calm down for him.

Mother, a book you might be interested in is E is for Everybody by Nancy Polette (Scarecrow - 2nd ed. 1982).  It has suggested ideas, activities and discussions for using picture books with grade school and junior high students.

I've got to hang some clothes out and get on with the day here so I will close.  We appreciated hearing from Mary Virginia and getting your post cards while you were gone.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

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