Wednesday, June 11, 2014

2004 Catherine's postcards to MUH -June 1,5

Norman Rockwell's Freedom from Fear postcard - mailed 2004.  Captioned: World War II poster by Norman Rockwell, U.S. Office of War Information, 1943. From Leniston (ed.) World War II Posters: 24 Full-Color Cards c2001 Dover Publications, Inc.
Hi, Aunt Mary!  Here's a WWII poster in honor of the 60th anniv. of D-Day.  We watching some of the dedication of the WWII Memorial in Wash. DC which was on public television.  Very patriotic.

Sorry to hear about your fall.  Hope you are up and about without too much pain.  When Roberta told me she had talked to you I figured it was no longer a secret.

We had a good Memorial Day weekend and now comes our busiest time of year at the library – the summer reading program

Love, Catherine & Gerry

Same caption as above, substituting Freedom from Want
6/5/04 Hi, Aunt Mary!
Here's another WWII card.  I always like Norman Rockwell pictures – he captures the family spirit.  We've had two days of 110º this week but supposed to cool down to a mild 101º in a few days.  Summer is definitely here and the kids are swarming into the library so that is good.  I'm beginning to prepare for my branch manager interview which will be the end of this month.

I had a good phone conversation with you and Marianne the other day.  How are you feeling?

Love, Catherine & Gerry

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