Tuesday, June 24, 2014

1984 MV petitions Wilmington College -Jun22

Mary decides to concentrate on attaining her academic goals. An experience many of us have dealt with in various ways. Transcription follows.

June 22, 1984
Academic Appeals Committee
Wilmington College
Wilmington, Ohio 45177

Academic Appeals Committee:

I am writing this letter as a petition for academic probation for Fall term, 1984.  In asking permission for the probationary period, I would like to explain how I plan to better my academic standing in the future.

First, I will quit all part-time employment; over the past three terms I have held 2-3 jobs each quarter off campus.  In so doing I will allow myself much more study time.

Secondly, I plan to cut my course load from the previously registered 20 hours to a maximum of 15 hours, if granted academic probation.  I believe that would be a more realistic approach to my studies and a much easier goal to attain.

In closing, I regret no having completed the required 36 hours in the past three terms.  But, I would like to petition the committee for an academic probationary period, in order that I might apply myself and return to good standing academically in the near future.  Thank you for your time and interest.



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