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1984 Roberta's letter -June

[Re(ceived) 6/5/84]

Dear Family,

Hi!  We are getting ready for a creative evening  – making going-away presents for Ann.  One a picture collage (sp?) of Sr. Village residents & happenings.  The other a trash can – w/ all the county forms glued in a collage (?) manner.  Will let you all know how they turn out.

My flight is into Cincinnati 6/19 – Tuesday at 7:20pm.  It's flight #648 – direct from Phoenix.  I leave here at 1:05pm.  It's the same flight I took last summer into Cincy.  but I thought it left at 1:45 – so I got to the airport at apx 1:00.  All the coach seats were filled – so I got to go 1st class!

This summer 2/Sid getting me to the airport I'm sure I'll get there in plenty of time.

My return flight leaves Cincy 6/26 at 9:45 AM – I've already got my seat assignments for both flights.

Serena is working toward her departure date of Saturday – early AM.  Sid changed her oil etc. in the Chevette.  She is cleaning out her car for the 1st time since it has been in Arizona!

We go up early Saturday AM up above Payson – it's a work project w/ U.S. Forest Service. Will be planting trees & building fences.  We had talked about taking the trailer – but have decided just to drive up – Will stay at Christopher Creek Lodge.  Only be gone 2 nites – would be a hard climb up w/trailer – & lots of prep work to get it ready for such a short trip!

I called Goodings last nite – Bev. Gooding got her executive job – Kettering Foundation.  Sure sounds like a neat job.  She was to start today.  They were quite surprised I had called.

Have talked w/ the Morgans.  Wendy is sure excited about coming to Ohio & doing her mouse-ercises w/ her Grandma.

We bought a water-pik yesterday.  Looked at them in 3 different stores – varied in price more than $8.00 for same model.  Used it for the 1st time this AM.  Ever used one?  I'll get lower bridge put in next Monday.  This will be the end (thank goodness) of major repair!  Now to maintain!

We've been in the pool about every day – water temp up to 85 º. I like it when it reaches about 95º in the water!  Sid cleans the pool almost daily – always looks sparking clean!

See you all the 19th – 7:20!  Exact August dates coming!

Love, Roberta

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