Tuesday, June 10, 2014

1974 Roberta's letter -Jun 10

Roberta has returned to New Vienna since the last correspondence and is ready to start her summer job at Wells, aka "The Shop."  Meanwhile others in the family have traveled to Lakeside where, according to the envelope, they are staying at Taylors Island View Resort.  (According to the website: taylorsresort.com/cottages/html this is now called Taylor's on the Bay Resort, same address but in Marblehead Ohio "on beautiful Sandusky Bay."  The rooms and cabin pictured have a vintage look.

June 10, 1974
Dear Family,
Hi!  It's not quite 6:20 AM and I'm all dressed, fed & ready to go to work.  This will be short since I want to be down there to see what time everyone gets in.
Yesterday G'ma & Ruth & I ate Gold Coin [?] and then we went to Americare.  After we got back we decided to call the Hortons – to wish Rob Happy Birthday, let them know we got home OK, etc.

They were all fine – Rob is happy to have his diploma, but his audition (sp) isn't until the 21st of June.  He's to start work the 24th of June.

Ruth is supposed to come today to pick berries – if I'm still among the living maybe I'll even do same tonight.  I just hope now that I make it till the 10:00 AM break!

I'll have to tell Donna that I'm using my brains – Ho, Hum! (Not my hands)

I rode the bike yesterday quite a ways – Mary V – how are you doing w/out T.V.?  I don't think I've had it on since you all left!

How did the bikes make the trip to Lakeside?  Or going to Church all the time?

Serena – how are the donuts ––

Gotta go – don't want to be late –

Love, Berta

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