Monday, June 09, 2014

1994 Roberta's Letter -Jun6

Here's some reading material & details of he October hike!
The checks are beginning to arrive for Estes – Marianne & Ashcrafts today –

Estes YMCA program office open 7AM to 11PM – they suggest we wait till arrival to schedule bike riding, rafting, etc.  Tennis rackets available – $10 deposit – fully refundable!  Got crib ordered for Miss Kate.

Check in time is at 3PM – that might change your schedule for that day!

Our dining room/office is being painted –– next week the houses – including ours!  Got new Air conditioner last week for all houses. Spending over $60,000 on MAJOR REPAIRS.

All hope A-1 ––– we are all looking forward to Colorado adventures!  Thanks for making it possible for all us us!

Love, Roberta

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