Wednesday, June 04, 2014

1934 postcard: GHU to CJU -Jun.4

Grandma travels, we know not with whom, to Kentucky in the 1930s, without Granddad. The stamp has been neatly cut from this card, removing part of the postmark so that only the 193_ remains.  The first letters of the date indicate JU 4 so probably mailed in June, though in the 1930s mail may have been postmarked even on holidays, so could be a fourth of July trip to Kentucky.  Transcription follows.
Lincoln Memorial Hall on Lincoln Farm, near Hodgenville, KY postcard mailed c1934

c1934 postcard from GHU to CJU

Dear Cecil - We are on our away [sic] again.  But there are so many places that we think we must stop as we go along I don't know whether we will get home Sat. or not.  We are all well & getting along fine.  Gladys

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