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September 6, 1988-99

(Day After) Labor Day - Don't work too hard

HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1988 - [Elderhostel Netherlands 2-week bike trip through 9/16]

Wednesday 1989 - VanGilder closing 5/3 in Cincinnati.  Jim Smith spoke at Lions Club on funeral planning.  Got letter from MV re her 10/8 [or 1/18?] weekend.

Friday 1991 - [USSR trip through 9/18/91]

Sunday 1992 -  [Kentucky] We went out to Pleasant View for Church and SS, their $25,000 addition is under roof.  Then we rode with Don up to London to meet MV for lunch at Ramada, then Don came back and we went to Levi Jackson State Park, nice museum area and a great collection of grist [mill] wheels.

Monday 1993 - [Labor Day]

Tuesday 1994 - [Auburn IN to home] Had a very nice lunch in Sidney at the Fairington Restaurant.  Pretty wooded view.

Wednesday 1995 - Jean working hard on Leadville program for 6&20 Club on 9/8, the word processor keeps acting up.  Ten at Lions Club meeting, Orville didn't realize until this AM that he was the Chairman. Start of Bible Study meetings at Church.  Ellen O. [?] over about the will of N. Brock who died 9/5.

Friday 1996 - [to Columbus] We went to Columbus for Advanced Probate meeting at Ohio Center.  John and John Guard were also there, about 500 present.  Jean went to the PL and looked up about Henderson Island in the Pitcairn Islands.  John let me off at the Holiday Inn on Stelzer Road, Room 244, $62.  Took coat back to Huntington that I bought 1/92, wouldn't do anything about it.  Had supper at Rigsby's, their 10th year in Near North.  Very nice, attractive vegetable plate.  Then we saw the Thompsons.  He has been in nursing home since January, he was 70 1/12/96.   Her birthday is 12/23, their anniversary is 6/1.  He really shakes. Roma seems fine.  [Homer died 3/16/2001.]

Saturday 1997 - Had new mower here for demo - no steering wheel, just a stick, 42" cut with 15hp.  Worked at booth (Leadership Clinton) at corn festival, lots of people.  Sold two coverlets in our 2 ½ hours. Got peck of apples for $5.50.  Called MUH, she's still having trouble with her teeth and eyes.  She is going to Indiana on 9/13 for 16 days.

Sunday 1998 - Had good preacher.  Have Jeremiah and Lamentations this quarter.  Went to Samuel Walker's for lunch, no one there to fix hot things though you can order corn cakes.  Only the WMS family group so plenty of space.  Visited Ruth Shoemaker, we all had trouble staying awake.

Monday 1999 - [Labor Day, Somerset KY to home] Helped MV coat their driveway.  Don fixed lunch for us.  Left about 2pm and came up US-27 then 68 en route was Blue Lick Battlefields State Park, site of last battle of the Revolutionary War in 1782.  Lodge there just opened this summer, 16 rooms now, but are adding 16 more.  We had a snack there, 200 miles from Crowsons to NV.

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