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September 2, 1910, 1989-99

Julie walks

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

[September 2, 1910 Grandma takes Traction]

Saturday 1989 - John Zeller and Shelly Straight's wedding.  Also calling hours for Clark Walker [GG's father-in-law], age 76.  Jerome was 75 a week ago.  Eva gave us peas.  Dug our first carrots.  Hortons leave for Steubenville.

Sunday 1990 - We went to Leesburg for lunch.  Mother had oysters at $6.95.

Monday 1991 - [Helsinki and Moscow trip]

Wednesday 1992 - Trailer park just north of NV is having streets laid out.

Thursday 1993 - Now have 3 units in the [above mentioned] mobile home park.  A real rain, over 3".

Friday 1994 - [Kohler to Ephraim WI] Visited the Kohler Design Center then to Sheboygan Clinic where Jean got some lotions and pills for her poison ivy.  Had lunch at Captain's Table in Algoma.  Reservations at Ephraim Inn, room in front for $112/night.  (Rooms range from $79 to $135, [now listed at $135-$200])  For supper we had a snack at Wilson's Ice Cream store, right next door.

Saturday 1995 - [Lexington KY to home] Had continental breakfast at the hotel [Best Western], part of the package.  New Holiday Inn express going up next door.  Then we went to the Lexington Children's Museum, we all enjoyed that, then had lunch at Dudley ⃞, nice outdoor dining in an old school.  We got home about 4pm and saw John, Julie and Kate at Cluxton's.  Mary [MUH] was upset she can't find her Delta vouchers.  Joe had art show and was real happy.

Monday 1996 - [Serena, John, Julie, and Kate visiting] Labor Day.  We had breakfast and lunch in the patio.  Julie is trying to walk a ½ hour each AM.  Jean had Mother's Club at Martha Bernard's, at 2pm and John, Julie, Kate and Serena left about 1:45.  Then painted the playhouse with paint you wash out.  Walked out Cemetery Road and met the Wolframs.  They are still going to Canada, Grant Lake in Eastern Ontario.  [Recently looked at photo album of 1979 canoe trip w/ them in Canada.]

Tuesday 1997 - [Morgans leave] Morgans left.  Got details from Park National on steamboat schedule.  Crowsons return from their Alaska cruise.  It was a surprise for Don.  Dow Jones up some 250 points.  Negative article about McDonald's in the paper.

Wednesday 1998 - On Lion's Club committee with Rusty Parsons and Dick Gieringer, about $9 a piece, 18 present, served lasagna, mixed vegetable salad, angel food cake with ice cream.  Busy day at the office.

Thursday 1999 - Jean had appointment with Dr. Aschi, it could be a # of things.  Saw Janet Harper there with a boy friend (?) [Her husband, Aaron, died in 1997 on the first day of a cruise, met them through square dancing].  She seemed happy.  Picked two quarts of yellow tomatoes.  Another article in WNJ about NV Council meeting.  Tim Bentz (NV Village Manager) was in office to apologize for what he said was mis-quote in the paper.

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