Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 23, 1977, 89-99

Wendy's Birthday

HH's Diary 1977, 89-1999 [lightly edited]
Friday 1977 - [Wendy born]

Saturday 1989 - [Southwest Harbor Maine to Laconia NH] Had breakfast "on the porch," juice and doughnut.  Jean called about her sweater.  Tried to locate MCS's house in S. [Skowhegan?] but no luck.  Rush stop at Rumford P.L.  Lunch at Welsh's in Gorham, NH.  Drove to North Conway, more factory outlet shops.  Leslie Fay and further down, LL Bean, got tan chamois shirt and travel hanging bag.  Still misty, so came direct way to Laconia.  Had supper at Oriental Gardens, $9 for the two of us.  Now at Tall Pines B&B, room #2 $55.

Sunday 1990 - [Japan and China through 9/30]

Wednesday 1992 - Hortons got back from NM about 10 last night, then called us after midnight as Mary could not get up the stairs.  Took her to Main Medical, she has trouble keeping her balance.

Thursday 1993 - [New England and Nova Scotia trip through 10/10/93]

Friday 1994 - MUH was up for supper, she is still trying to get out the thank you notes.  Still trying to work out Streber problems.  They are digging the hole for the gas tank now.

Saturday 1995 - [China trip with Roberta, etc. through 9/27/95]

Monday 1996 - [Hilton Head Island SC] Went to HH P.L. to look up Ginny's skin problem as we called them this AM.  Hard to find the library as all signs are discreet.  Stayed at Epworth by the Sea, a Methodist retreat.  Very pretty setting on the river.  Ate supper in their cafeteria.  An Elderhostel program was in progress.

Tuesday 1997 - Had dental appointments.  Jean OK, I had one cavity.  Went to WPL, then Wendy's for supper.  $4+ with coupon.  Milk at Aldi's $1.19/gallon.  Sad about Grant Boris death on the highway at 46, I believe.   Ran into Jim Nimz [?] at the County Map office, he left Clinton County in 1986.  He and Bobby separated.  He is now in Tiffin, OH.  Last month or so Rachel and Davy Nixon got married.  She now works in Dayton.

Wednesday 1998 - Dow Jones up 200+, what a roller coaster.  Bob and GG with Annie [GG's sister?] and Ron left for Branson with Harold's tour group.  Working on complaint to sell Leach real estate.  Wendy's 21st Birthday, her folks in Minnesota at an RV meeting.  Down in the 40s this AM.

Thursday 1999 - [Seattle WA to home] Easy to get to airport, but a long line to check in at counter.  We were on Conair from CVG [Cincinnati] to Columbus, elevation of 9000 feet, could see Airborne, etc.  Had snack at Wendy's at exit 59, open 10-10.

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