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September 19, 1988-99

Kate takes piano lessons

HH's Diary 1968-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1968 - Joe Eaton passed away at age of 50.  [First husband of Jean Minzler Eaton Baugh, she died 3/18/2003, father of Judy DeLuca and Eddy, and Virginia Hildebrant's (1/20/1917-2/12/2007) brother.]

Tuesday 1989 - [to Portland ME] Carolyn Rhonemus [now Storer] took us to Cincy airport and will meet Hortons.  Flew to Portland and had Thrifty Car Rental.  Stayed at Swiss Chalet for $39.70.

Wednesday 1990 - [Japan and China through 9/30]

Thursday 1991 - [Cincinnati airport to home from Helsinki/Moscow trip] Hortons picked us up.

Saturday 1992 - Harold Hottle [His brother Daryl was Highland County Judge for a long time.  He graduated from law school the year before HH started.] spoke at Methodist Men's Breakfast on church history.  We were with GHU at noon, then drove to Manchester, just west for a nice lunch at Moyers on the veranda.  Lunch $4.95 and up with dinner about twice [that].  Very nice.  Walked around Ripley, up to Rankin House and up Free Soil Road to Georgetown, to Hillsboro and saw the play "Our Town" at Southern State.

Sunday 1993 - Went to Butlerville UMC as Everett and Ann Bailey were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.  They are leaving tomorrow for a week at a place just east of Beaufort, SC.  We were too late to eat (2pm) at King's Island Inn so ate at Bill Knapps.  Then to Cape May dedication [retirement place near Wilmington, where HH and Jean bought a place but never moved in.  The Donald Bernards lived there as well as Virginia Hildebrant.]  Talked to Mary Kay McMillan there.  The Wilmington library having their 90th anniversary, talking of adding an addition.

Monday 1994 - [KY to home, Roberta visiting, Serena and John Uible family also there]  Another big breakfast at Annie's.  We left about 9:30, brief stop at Renfro Valley, their performances are $9.  Stopped at a fruit stand on Rt. 18, just east of I-75.  Had lunch at Rafferty's on the west side of I-75 at Turfway Road [Florence].  Mary [MUH] liked it for she got a Kiddie Plate of toasted cheese sandwich and mini milkshake.  Jean had twig meeting tonight, used the fresh fruit.

Tuesday 1995 - [China trip with Roberta, etc. through 9/27/95]

Thursday 1996 - Jean had all day UMW meeting in Hamilton.

Friday 1997 - Glenn Daye is 70.

Saturday 1998 - Breakfast at church, about 20 present.  Jean went with Ann Bailey to meeting in West Chester.  I worked on computer, getting mail merge to work.  John called this pm, they are going to Nashville next Wednesday to talk with an adoption agency.  Kate seems to enjoy her piano lessons.

Sunday 1999 - [Holden Village WA]


From HH in 2010: re 1968 - Ran into Eddy Eaton in Lebanon last summer.

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