Monday, September 12, 2011

September 13, 1989-99

Grandma considers nursing home

HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1988 - [Elderhostel Netherlands 2-week bike trip through 9/16]

Wednesday 1989 - GHU talks of going into nursing home, yet she is wondering what she will wear to MV's big event on 10/8.

Thursday 1990 - [Japan and China through 9/30]

Friday 1991 - [USSR trip through 9/18/91]

Sunday 1992 - [Roberta and Serena visiting] 4th Quarterly Conference. Ed Johnson said he would stay if wanted. Had sandwiches, salad and dessert with DS as speaker, be an outreach church.

Monday 1993 - Wade Roby telling me about his job (or rather lack of), he is 59 and finding that he is over qualified or too old.

Wednesday 1995 - [China trip with Roberta, etc. through 9/27/95]

Friday 1996 - Went to Xenia, opened Olvis [?] estate, library there having a big book sale, then to Dayton to file papers on Campbell and [Helen?] Drake estates. Went to library but closed for training day. Went to Wilkins [?] bookstore and bought Mobil Mid-Atlantic book, $14.95. Had supper at the Pine Club on Brown St, their 50th year. Had great prime rib for $18.95. Jean had scallops. Brought home a potato and waitress gave us some brown bread. Had small ice cream cone at Ben & Jerry's for $1.65. Gillette and Duracell are merging. Dow Jones closes above 5800. Road between Xenia and Dayton being rebuilt.

Saturday 1997 - [KY] Somerset Library having booksale, hard backs 50¢, paper 10¢.  [This sentence is actually listed under 1996.]  Had picnic at Stearns with food we bought at Arby's.  Drove to Blue Heron Coal Mine.  They had jacks in one of the displays.  Had supper at Bob Evans.  Was going to go to Natural Arch but sign said closed.

Sunday 1998 - [to Rockbridge OH, near Logan] Had a light lunch here, then drove to Chillicothe, all the restaurants listed, i.e. Harvester and NY,NY were closed.  Ate at Valentines, a "real family restaurant", a few pesky flies.  Visited Adena.  Worthington had come from Charlestown VA (now WV) near Harpers Ferry.  The children gave us this gift certificate at Glenlaurel, opened 12/11/94.  We have a large room on first floor in carriage house, $150, very comfy but they could have used more light.  Nice sun porch.  We couldn't figure out how to use the CD player.

Monday 1999 - [Seattle -- Credit card statement shows charges at: Gravity Restaurant (closed prior to 12/05), LA Seafood Restaurant, and Pacific Plaza Hotel with arrival date of 9/11/99, 3 nights $240]

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