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October 1, 1986-1999

Robert & Jody Kintner's wedding

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1986 - [Philippines and Korea trip through 10/10/86]

Sunday 1989 - The four of us went to Golden Corral, Bill stayed home to watch football.  Jean stayed in Wilmington for Emmaus meeting. Serena met us coming home from evening church service, what a surprise. She has hopes of visiting the Kushan...(?) in Russia in a couple of years.

Monday 1990 - [home from Japan and China] Got back from China, see separate notes. [Not included.] Stayed overnight at Radisson Hotel in Cincy airport.

Tuesday 1991 - Mothers Club Meeting at Leesburg at 6pm. Returned truck to John Harner and Jean and the Hortons belatedly picked me up and then we took the Donald Bernards [not sure where they took them but it included] very slow service, chicken pie was $5.95. Program was a saxophone with piano accompanist (she was 87) who kept talking about the poor condition of the piano. Ann Bailey is talking of EI trip to Israel. "Oh For a Thousand Tongues to Sing" – I can get through it. [On the piano]

Thursday 1992 - The piece comes very easy now ["Oh For a Thousand Tongues to Sing," see previous entry].  Ross Perot getting back in the race.  [He dropped out of the Presidential campaign in July 1992 but then reentered the race.]

Friday 1993 - [New England and Nova Scotia trip through 10/10/93]

Saturday 1994 - [Lancaster PA] We took the Chamber of Commerce walking tour of downtown Lancaster.  The wedding of Robert Kintner and Jody was at 3pm in Lititz.  (They are expecting next month.)  The reception was held at her father's house, up in the woods and VERY limited parking area, what gridlock.   Roast beef in a HARD roll.

Sunday 1995 - Jean worked at UMC District office, visited Gene Williams at CMH.  Talked to Shirley Cadle [DS] she and Shorty enjoy travel.  Bob and Carl's had milk special for 69¢ for ½ gallon.  Car at end of first year has 15,800 miles.

Wednesday 1997 - [Freedom Years Riverboat tour] Car now has 41,000 miles.  Legal notice in WNJ, paid circulation 6,440, mail subscriptions 228, Returned from news agent 181.

Thursday 1998 - Leech appraisal, WNJ now paid circulation 6,633, mail 224, returned from news agent 334.

Friday 1999 - [to Newark] Drove to Newark, stayed at Motel downtown, $90.  Babysit for Andrew and Kate.

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