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September 25, 1986,89-99

Auction sales

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1986 - [Philippines and Korea trip through 10/10/86]

Monday 1989 - [Laconia NH to Portland ME] After a breakfast of French Toast and a lot of talk we visited the Laconia Library, built 1903, with funds given by Napoleon Bonaparte Gale [a local banker who left the bulk of his estate to the city for parks and a library], quite a structure.  Then to Sanford, another library visit. [This is the library where I worked from 1973-1976, which has greatly deteriorated in the past 35 years and I find it depressing to return.]  Lunch in Kittery at Valles, a real bargain at $4.95.  Then Strawberry Banke in Portsmouth, $6, quite interesting.  Visit to Maine Mall [THE place to shop in southern Maine.]  Filene's basement was a joke as far as bargains.  Stayed at Swiss Chalet off I-295.

Tuesday 1990 - [Japan and China through 9/30]

Friday 1992 - Gwen Hughes auction sale, house brought $38,500.  Mother sleepy today.  New UMC Bishop in Wilmington.

Saturday 1993 - [New England and Nova Scotia trip through 10/10/93]

Sunday 1994 - John Hughes open house for auction sale this next Saturday (10/1) then over to open house at Everett Baileys, then to new development, Sycamore Glen, two miles north of Wilmington, then to Extended Care.  Mary Lou Iles there.  To CMH to see Marie Cooper.  [Marie 1914-2004, John Cooper 1912-1980] Went to theater to see Forrest Gump, been on for 11 weeks.  A life story about a guy who has low IQ, a hero in the war, but whose girl friend was hot and cold who came home as a "mother" and then died from AIDS.

Monday 1995 - [China trip with Roberta, etc. through 9/27/95]

Wednesday 1996 - [Sea Island GA] We went for a beach walk, too fast for us.  Then had buffet breakfast at the beach house.  We played some shuffle board and croquet.  Went to supper at the Golf Club at 6:30, we were alone but by 8:30 it was full.  They figure the dinner at $42 each, breakfast at $13 and lunch $17.

Thursday 1997 - Had [digestive issues] perhaps too many figs.

Friday 1998 - Used the Friday free phone calls.  Ted had several calls with Ruth Pavelek re bubbles with Fabric Center.  Always want a lower price.

Saturday 1999 - Jean had UMW meeting in Milford.  She took Pauline Green with her.  Met GG and Annie at El Dorado, fancy new Mexican restaurant in Wilmington, most entrees $6.50, beverages $1.50.  We had tickets for Debbie Reynolds at the Murphy Theater.  Big crowd.

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