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September 5, 1988-1999

Kate likes kittens

HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1988 - [Elderhostel Netherlands 2-week bike trip through 9/16]

Tuesday 1989 - Sent in Elderhostel application for Turkey.  Jean found missing diamond [reported lost on Sunday 9/3.] 

Wednesday 1990 - Lions Club program, District Governor spoke, also Sgt. Faris from Sheriff's Dept. spoke on 911#. 

Thursday 1991 - [USSR trip through 9/18/91]

Saturday 1992 - [to Kentucky]

Sunday 1993 - Rev. Johnson spoke about some of us are like marbles, we just bounce off each other, while others are like grapes, we are loving and the juices all become one.  Laura Hughes loaned us a book [see below for Weegie's comments], a biography of her family which included 7 children who lived in Carrey KY until 1920 when they moved by train to the intersection of 132 and 50 (4901 Benton Road, Batavia OH).  They walked out there from Batavia [about 3 miles].  We had lunch at Frischs in Hillsboro.

Monday 1994 - [Ephraim WI to Auburn IN, Labor Day] Left Ephraim at 7:30, before breakfast which we had in Green Bay at Perkins.  Lunch at Cracker Barrel near Merrillville IN.  Went across US 30 in Indiana, a big mall just east of I-65.  Visited Jim and Margaret Marshall in Milford IN.  In Room 111 at Auburn Inn, $55, milk and cookie in the evening and very nice continental breakfast in the AM.  Visited Cris and Angela and family.

Friday 1997 - Sankers invited us down as guests of their monthly Friday night dinner at Hyde Park Church, about 200 there, Russ Clark, now DS of the Newark District spoke.  He was associate pastor at Hyde Park when Colaw was there.  He started at Marshall as a 4-pt charge.  The Crowsons are talking of a 10-day cruise in the Caribbean in 10/98.  Our other headlight on the Honda went out.  Bruce Sanker wants to move closer to Bowling Green KY as he is now 90+ miles one way.

Saturday 1998 - Harold Schautz came to install new computer for legal office.  John, Julie and Kate arrived about 5pm.  Kate likes the kittens next door.  Visited the playground and the new school.  Got first literature on trip to Portugal.

Sunday 1999 - [Somerset KY] Went to 9:45 SS.  Paul _______ told how his wife Eleanor has leg problems and she has to keep weight off her leg.  Met Rudy and Susan at Ruby Tuesdays for supper.  Oh yes, for lunch we went to Arby's as the Crowsons had to be back at Church at 2pm.  Don is pastoring two churches, alternates Sunday AM and PM services.
Re 1993 - From Weegie in 2010: my mother's sister wrote a book +/- 40 years ago on their childhood. And they did walk the last part of their journey, as the money had run out for other transportation. Then when they did arrive at the farm which they had previously purchased, the residents were sick and quarantined, but I think they moved in with them anyway. It was interesting last year to get together with my cousins, who are all older than I am, and hear their interpretation of events. My mother's (and the aunt who wrote the book) version was always Pollyanna, "yes, we were poor, but we had each other. . . " One of my cousins said the truth was that grandpa was a voracious reader, talker, and story-teller, but a terrible businessman and even worse farmer.

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

Paul Mace talked about his wife Eleanor. He's also the guy Dad would talk about because he would drive to Cleveland and back in one day (from Somerset) to visit family there.

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